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April, 2014

Make your move successfully

Gateway services guide students from education to career

What is your pathway from program of study to a career? For students wrestling with this question, Career and Employment Services is here to serve students from the beginning steps of picking a career to the final step of finding a job.

To help students with job placement, Gateway’s Career and Employment Services has worked diligently to provide students with resources and connections necessary to transition from college to career. During this academic year, Career and Employment Services has collaborated with college faculty and staff, alumni, employers and community members in an effort to enrich students’ readiness to make the transition from student to employee.

Gateway’s Meet the Professional event, Student Leadership Conference, career fairs, job fairs, classroom presentations and recruiting events provided students the opportunity to identify their marketable skills, meet with area employers, prepare an eye-catching resume and practice effective interviewing techniques. 

Career and Employment Services also has worked to increase the number of employers who utilize TechConnect to search and hire students from the site. TechConnect is the technical college system’s  job search engine. As more students are referred to TechConnect, more employers will discover the value of posting to the site. Employers are encouraged to post all of their jobs on TechConnect and students are reminded to check the site regularly for new postings.

As students start their program of study, Career and Employment Services staff encourages long-term planning. Students who use Career and Employment Services can expect to receive personalized counseling services and professional guidance that results in the satisfaction of knowing that the choices made are sound ones, and the path chosen will lead to a rewarding and satisfying career.

Students seeking services should call Student Services at 1-800-247-7122 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor or employment specialist or to choose a workshop. 

Life is Big. Be Prepared.