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March, 2014

Time to check your networks

Bryan Albrecht

Bryan Albrecht
President & CEO
Gateway Technical College

As we near the end of the spring semester many students are thinking about graduation or summer break. Whatever your plans are for the next few months, I bet it has something to do with searching for a job.  

I offer this little bit of advice as you begin to tune up your resume and practice those interview skills. Why not also refresh your network? By that I mean talk with those who you consider for possibly providing a professional reference. Consider updating your friends and colleagues who may not know that you have been updating your skills. Share your new knowledge and skills with them. Tell them about your class projects, service learning or portfolio demonstrations.  

Many people go through all the effort of seeking references without really explaining to them why they want a particular job and the skills they have gained to prepare for that job so the references aren’t really equipped to sell you to a prospective employer.  

Tuning up your network of relationships is a very important part of the job search process. Those who may know you best may not always know what you can do. Gateway students have access to some of the most current technologies and career building skills in all of southeast Wisconsin. I bet your network would like to know how you are taking advantage of college resources and what your future career plans include. Gateway faculty and its Career and Employment Service professionals can all help as you begin to prepare your network to support you in a high-performance job search.


Bryan Albrecht, Ed.D.,
President & CEO, Gateway Technical College

Life is Big. Be Prepared.