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March, 2014

Get ready for a career

On-campus help available to prep for interviews, job search

By Gena Checki

If you are planning on graduating soon, you might want to visit Gateway’s Career and Employment Services to help you plan your future.

“Career and Employment Services helps students prepare cover letters and resumes, offers workshops about job-seeking skills, provides mock interviews, brings employers to campus to meet with students, organizes job fairs, helps students develop soft skills and works with students on an individual basis,” said Damira Grady, Gateway career counselor.

Career counselors/specialists are located on all Gateway campuses. Students can take advantage of their services by participating in events and networking. Career and Employment Services also works with undecided students to help them access labor market information.

Services are free for students, and alumni for up to a year.

For those students who already have their cover letters and resumes ready, there is a service called TechConnect. This is a free online site for students to upload or post their resumes for employers to review. Employers use TechConnect to post internships and/or jobs.

To use this database, individuals need to use their student identification number and email address to create a profile. Once a profile is created, a resume can then be uploaded.

“In order to get hired into a career, students need to start thinking about developing their soft skills and preparing to sell their skill set to employers,” Grady said. “Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the services offered at Career and Employment Services.”

Life is Big. Be Prepared.