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December, 2013

Fine dining, great experience

Students staff on-campus restaurant in Racine
Breakwater Dining Room

The new Breakwater Dining Room recently opened on the Racine Campus providing Culinary Arts students a place to hone their fine dining skills.  

As part of the Culinary Arts expansion on the Racine Campus, a 1,250-foot remodel project of the former bookstore area was completed in the Lake Building hallway leading into the campus commons area and called the Breakwater Dining Room.

The dining room provides a lab for students to learn how to serve and take care of customers in a fine dining setting, which many of the Culinary Arts students will encounter in their careers. The real-world setting of the dining room operates as an actual restaurant.

“Students take ownership of the dining room,” said Susanna Elrod, Culinary Arts lead instructor. “They run it, they staff it and learn how to prepare and serve the food efficiently. This is as close to an actual restaurant setting as possible.”

A small demonstration kitchen will be added to the room by Spring 2014 to further allow students to learn the skill of their trade, as well as provide a great format for community classes or demonstrations. The room becomes a classroom and lab for culinary class final exams. The added space allows for fine dining classes to be doubled.

The community will benefit as well. The public is invited to dine on fine dining nights, where students prepare and serve food. Students will gain valuable feedback from diners on their experience. In addition, community groups are welcome to use the dining area for lunch meetings.

The Breakwater Dining Room is open on Monday evenings. Dinner starts promptly at 5:30 pm. Reservations must be made by calling (262) 619-6556. Dinners are scheduled on the Mondays when school is in session during the Fall and Spring semesters.  

Breakwater Dining reservations can be made by calling 262-619-6556.

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