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October, 2013

Time to Take Stock

Mid-Term Grades Serve as Indicator of Academic Progress
A+ Grade Image

It is hard to believe we are at the mid-term mark already! You have made it halfway through the fall term – congratulations! This is a good time to check how you are progressing in your classes. One way Gateway helps with this is by providing mid-term grades. Mid-term grades are posted for all post-secondary classes that began at the start of the term and run the full 15 weeks of the term.

Mid-term grades are not part of your permanent academic record. They are meant to give you an indication of your progress. One of the worst things you can do, at this point, is to ignore your mid-term grades! Check your mid-term grades via WebAdvisor. Mid-term grades are listed under Academic Profile once you log in to WebAdvisor.

If your mid-term grades are satisfactory, congratulations. You are on the right track; keep up the great work. If your mid-term grades are less than satisfactory, take this time to talk with your instructors about your progress. You still have time to turn things around. Consider what you might need to change - class attendance (you need to attend class), where and how you are studying, whether you need additional assistance.

Gateway offers many support services. If you need additional academic support, take advantage of the services at the Learning Success Centers.  Instructors in the centers help with WebAdvisor, Blackboard, PC Basics, research papers, study skills and general academic support. Find out more about tutoring services at

It is important to keep mid-term grades in perspective. They provide valuable information and should be used as a tool to understand if you are advancing smoothly or if you need to seek additional assistance. The key is to seek assistance now if needed. Gateway instructors, counselors and staff are here to help you succeed.

Life is Big. Be Prepared.