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Explore Careers

Figuring out what you what to do after high school can be challenging.  Your New Student Specialist can help you explore interests and skills to find the right college and career pathway for you.  Career clusters link what students learn in high school with the knowledge and skills needed for success in college and careers. Career clusters identify pathways from high school to Gateway to the workplace or even on to a four-year college.

You can use career pathways as a roadmap to investigate a wide range of career choices. The career pathways approach makes it easier for you to understand what courses you need to take in high school, and how you can make a smooth transition to Gateway.  

Visit the career pathways website to learn more about career pathways (  Create a student account and take the quick survey to find out the Career Clusters and Pathways that match your interests and skills.  Then, connect with your New Student Specialist for more information!


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