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Study Abroad Success Stories

Gateway students like Allison Amber and Stacy Tompsett have traveled the world and expanded their educational experience through the Gateway Global Scholars program. Students are able to experience new cultures and gain hands-on international business experience through short-term study abroad opportunities

Joey Wilbur

“It’s impossible to adequately paint the imagery of a culture, without stepping into it. I found myself outside of my comfort zone, some 2,000 miles away from home, traveling through the Mekong Delta of Vietnam …I was enriched because I met people who were enriched. Culture is not something you can simply understand by looking in, but instead it’s understood once you feel it.”
- Joey Wilbur

Chelsea Lebbin

“We went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to help animals there. Without Gateway, I would not have had the experience I gained on that trip. I gained a lot of confidence on that trip. I knew what to expect and knew I could do it – but the trip allowed us to shine. My confidence skyrocketed, and carried me to the job I have now.”
- Chelsea Lebbin

Manal Nabeel

“Study abroad gave me the opportunity to see things and feel the moments that cannot be felt through pictures and videos. It gave me the opportunity to make friends that I never thought of. Gateway helps their student out in every way possible that it also allows students to travel abroad in an affordable way by giving out scholarships and a chance to see the world through our own eyes."
- Manal Nabeel