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Product Development

Tell the unique story of your product or service.  What do you sell?  How does it benefit your customers?  What is the product lifecycle?  Do you plan R&D activities? Whether offering a new product into market, or modifying a product for added benefits to consumers, Launch Box will guide developers to the right resources to make it happen quicker.

Fab Lab - Here at Gateway a student or industry professional has the opportunity to conceptualize and design a product using 3D design software in the Mechnanical Design Classroom working with programs such as Solidworks, print a prototype next door in the Fab Lab and then have access to the flexible manufacturing lab where it can be created to scale. 

EIGERlab - Rapid prototyping and engineering services to move an entrepreneur's idea to a computer aided design that can be transformed into a physical object.  These services are available to Racine County businesses at a discounted rate.  For more information, contact Launch Box Staff at 262-898-7404.

Wisconsin Center for Commercialization ResourcesWhether you are a first time entrepreneur, university faculty, or business, we want to help turn your idea into a commercially viable venture. The primary objective of the Wisconsin Center for Commercialization Resources (WCCR) is to facilitate the entire commercialization process, by providing resources and services for moving a project through various stages from idea to proof of concept to launch.

Life is Big. Be Prepared.