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The Industrial Design Fab Lab’s design & build capabilities will allow tinkerers, engineers and entrepreneurs with creative ideas to move them forward. As their projects move forward, the SC Johnson iMET Center will have access to a variety of resources which will allow these inventors to move forward in the steps needed to bring these ideas to market and facilitate the development of new regional employment opportunities.

Inventors and entrepreneurs will utilize the lab to…

  • Build a talent pipeline where ideas can be brought to life.
  • Access resources in design, prototyping, and product development.
  • Bring ideas to fruition as a commercialized product.
  • Consult with Gateway staff and faculty as well as industry professionals.
  • Participate in contests and challenges.
  • Business consulting services such as Growth Wheel and SCORE which are also housed at the SC Johnson iMET Center.
  • Attend workshops on training such as design and prototype building.