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Gateway helps grad move up corporate ladder

Transfer agreement, scholarships help her continue her studies

Flory Jerez

Flory Jerez says she benefited from Gateway’s
flexible scheduling, its industry-savvy instructors
and hands-on training – which helped her secure
a promotion at her employer.

Flory Jerez sought to move up the corporate ladder while creating even more opportunities for her future career.

She turned to Gateway Technical College to provide her with the skills needed for increased responsibility and wages at her current employer. Her hard work paid off – the May 2014 Business Management graduate has already been promoted because of the skills she learned through her degree.

“I’m a single mom, and wanted to increase my earning power and improve my career for my son and myself,” she says. “I realized the only way I could do that was through a degree. I chose Gateway to do that.”

Flory began as a teller at the bank she works at and was promoted to supervisor before she graduated. Upon graduation, she was selected to begin the assistant manager training program within the corporation.

Flory says her employer encouraged her to enroll at Gateway to learn the skills to advance her career. She did – and her employer recognized her increased abilities and promoted her.

Flory says she benefited from the college’s flexible scheduling, its industry-savvy instructors and hands-on training – which also included learning more about her future career through statewide and national collegiate business competitions. She took home honors at the Wisconsin and national Collegiate DECA competitions in Spring 2014, part of a strong Gateway contingent.

Gateway’s effect on Flory’s career didn’t end there. Flory is now an accounting student at UW-Parkside. This was made possible through a transfer agreement and scholarship opportunity forged between Gateway and UW-Parkside.

The newly created Mahone Fund Forward Together Scholarship, coupled with her Gateway Technical College degree and a future degree from UW-Parkside, will create the pathway for her career today and tomorrow.

Flory is the first recipient of the Mahone Fund-endowed scholarship which provided her $500 to finish her Gateway degree and then $500 to continue at UW-Parkside. The Kenosha resident is grateful for the scholarship and the ability to transfer her Gateway Business-area degree to UW-Parkside.

“I am very thankful for this scholarship, this means so much to me,” says Flory. “My biggest struggle is that I am a single mom, and I have to make sure that every dollar is accounted for. I am very grateful for this scholarship – this will help me with my education, my career and family.”

The scholarship will be issued annually to a Gateway business program student who’s committed to transfer to UW-Parkside under the Forward Together transfer agreement.

Flory Jerez says Gateway provided her with the skills and opportunities to create a future for herself and her son through training that led to a promotion and a new career.

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