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College, Foundation supported student when she needed it most

Kirsten Migut

Kirsten Migut says a Gateway Technical College and a Gateway Foundation scholarship enabled her to take classes at a time when she was trying to put her life and education back on track.

Kirsten returned to college seeking to continue her education after taking off some time due to a health issue. The Administrative Professional student graduates in December 2017 and says the extra boost she received from the scholarship for tuition and books helped make that possible.

“I wanted to increase my class load because I was feeling better and getting to the point where I felt I could do that,” says Kirsten. “The scholarship helped me to stay here at Gateway and further my education.”

Kirsten says her mom was also so impressed with the Foundation and Gateway, that she has become a scholarship donor. “That’s how much we love Gateway,” says Kirsten.

“Doors have been opened to me in terms of where I can apply for a job with the skills I’ve gained at Gateway.”

- Kirsten Migut

Kirsten was in the banking industry for 20 years before deciding she needed a career shift. She turned to Gateway and began taking courses to change her career course. Caring instructors and staff helped Kirsten to get her academics back on track, after offering encouragement during the months she dealt with her health issue.

“When I was going through the treatments and everything for breast cancer, they would call me and e-mail me and ask me how I was doing, and if there was anything they could help me with. It was phenomenal, the support and how they helped me.”

Instructors provided the framework for Kirsten to learn the skills she needs to enter her career as well as “teaching your how to get the job once you graduate.”

“Doors have been opened to me in terms of where I can apply for a job with the skills I’ve gained at Gateway,” says Kirsten. “It’s given me the opportunity for a lot more choices on where I want to go once I graduate.”