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CNC field perfect fit for completer's talents, skills

Larantz Reynolds CNC Boot Camp

Larantz Reynolds says Gateway's boot camp gave him the skills to succeed in his career.

Larantz Reynolds was tired of working minimum wage jobs. He wanted something that would fit his interests and talents and give him the skills to a career he could grow in.

He believes that career is in computer numeric control (CNC) machining – and Gateway’s CNC boot camp training will provide him the skills to enter that career field.

“After so many years of working minimum wage jobs, I heard about the boot camp. I heard it was free, and I needed a career. I did my research into it and thought it was something I could do. I thought I could be a good fit.

“It was – I love it.”

Larantz’s training and drive to achieve his goals has been successful, too. He is now working in the CNC industry at an area business.

Larantz’s area of skill was graphic design and not machining. It didn’t matter, though, he says. “I had to jump right in and give it a shot. I have been doing well.”

The camaraderie, teamwork and discipline of the boot camp are what appealed to Larantz. He said in addition to learning some great skills, he believes the boot camp has made him a more thoughtful person.

“Also, they encourage ‘Lombardi time,’ or arriving 15 minutes before you’re supposed to be here,” he says. “I actually target to be here 30 minutes ahead of time. That’s helped me because it’s something I might not have done in the past.”

Larantz says he is excited about entering his new career field.

“I hope to be valuable to whatever company I would be working at, and hope to continue to learn more about the trade,” he says. “I want to make a career of this.”