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Welding/Fabrication Boot Camp

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The welding/fabrication boot camp is an innovative, fast-paced, hands-on program to learn the essentials of welding. Gateway, in partnership with the Racine County Workforce Development Center is offering the Welding/fabrication boot camp certificate program as a fast-track way to get trained in welding. The boot camp program curriculum includes Gas-Metal-ARC Welding, Blueprint Reading, Applied Mathematics, Workplace Safety and Lean Operating Techniques. The intensive, hands-on training this program provides allows for a rapid transfer of skills into the workplace.

Who is the Boot Camp For?

The Welding/fabrication boot camp is designed for individuals desiring full-time employment in welding. The program is ideal for dislocated or underemployed workers.

How long is the Boot Camp program?

The Boot Camp is a 15-week program that requires attending classes 20 hours per week. Classes are held at the SC Johnson iMET Center in Sturtevant. 

What prior education is required to attend the Boot Camp?

No prior experience in welding is required. Basic reading and math skills are required. Students complete a basic skills assessment prior to enrollment in Boot Camp.

Is college credit granted for taking the courses?

The Boot Camp is a certificate program. Satisfactory completion of Boot Camp courses earn college credit toward a diploma or degree.

How will welding skills learned be measured?

Students will take a pre and post-assessment examination.

What is the employment outlook for Welding?

Many area employers were involved in development of this program and are excited to have a qualified pool of workers available to them. The Racine County Workforce Development Center is working with area employers to employ Boot Camp graduates.

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