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Manufacturing Skill Standards Certification (MSSC) For Employers

MSSC offers a combination of blended learning led by certified instructors which allows participants to develop high performance manufacturing skills through:

  • lectures,
  • self-paced studies,
  • computer-based simulation labs,
  • presentations, and
  • individual/group activities.

A certificate is awarded for successful completion of coursework and online assessment for each module. The MSSC System awards a Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential to individuals who pass all four Production modules.

More about MSSC Production Technician Certification

MSSC training is offered in four key skill areas that are applicable to all manufacturing sectors:

    Machine Shop Safety  625-404
    This course covers general shop safety for a machining environment and awareness of hazards.  Safety topics covered include MSDS sheets, personal protective equipment, lockout tag out, and more.
  • Quality Practices and Measurement
    Managing for Quality  625-405
    This course examines the employee’s role in producing a quality product including the benefits of quality and the costs of quality, and problem solving tools for continuous improvement.
  • Manufacturing Processes and Production
    Lean Operating Principles  625-403
    This course investigates how to improve quality, eliminate waste, reduce lead time and inventory, and develop productive customer and supplier relationships. Cycle time, kanban, demand-pull, and order push techniques to reduce inventory in the supply chain are also covered.
  • Maintenance Awareness
    Mechanical Skills for Technicians  625-406
    This course covers the basic mechanical skills needed by a technician, including use and care of hand tools and small power tools, drilling, tapping, removal of broken bolts, studs, and helicoil insertion. Basic measuring tools and techniques are covered, as well as type and use of fasteners, lubricants and adhesives used in repair, and assembly.

MSSC modules must be taken in sequence. Basic computer literacy required.

Program hours: Each course is 16 hours plus assessment time

Cost: $240 each course plus a one-time $60 registration fee.

For more information: Lisa Kober 262-564-2498 or

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