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Student & Community Outreach

Gateway continues to increase awareness of sustainability issues among campus and community members through education and outreach and empower students, staff and community members to take sustainability actions.

Community Outreach

Green Matters

The Workforce and Economic Development Division hold several lecture series at the Center for Sustainable Living, focusing on sustainability starting at home. Some examples of past expert-led seminars include:

  • Putting Your Garden to Bed
  • Are You Losing Heat?
  • What Degree of Green Are You?

Celebrate Earth Day

An annual Celebrate Earth Day event helps community members become better environmental stewards. All three main campuses host the event with activities including seminars, workshops, demonstrations and green vendors.

Green Business Practice Seminars

Gateway holds green business practice seminars to help local business leaders learn how to make sustainability a permanent part of their operations.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Sklba, Vice President, Community and Government Relations, (262) 564-2662.

Gateway in Action

Green Scholars

The “green scholar” program is very simple. You participate in activities that help sustain the environment. These are probably things that you already do every day.  Each activity is worth points.  Collect the points and you’ll be eligible for a drawing and the distinction of being one of Gateway’s Green Scholars when you graduate.  At graduation, Gateway Green Scholars will graduate with the Green Scholar distinction and each participant will receive sustainable participation gifts. The total number of points needed to graduate with green distinction is 75.

The program runs throughout the school year and all points must be submitted by the deadline for December and May graduation, in order to be eligible for Gateway Green Scholar distinction at graduation.  Individuals simply email your points on the excel spreadsheet directly to Sue Walther at or 262-564-3612. Sue will monitor and assist with point assignments or any other questions that come up. Periodically an email will be sent with a green tips and a reminder to submit your points.

We plan to have an open house during the semester of the Center of Sustainable Living on the Kenosha Campus and everyone is welcome.

For additional information, contact, Stephanie Sklba, VP - Community & Government Relations, at 262-564-2662 or

Sustainable Living club

The goal of the Sustainable Living club is to help students identify and understand sustainable living opportunities in the community and align with Gateway's vision of sustainability. Participants will work with area high school environmental clubs, the Center for Sustainable Living, the Horticulture program and other groups to promote Gateway’s sustainable living initiatives.

Green Print

Gateway’s GreenPrint initiative is aimed at reducing the college’s carbon footprint by streamlining ink cartridge recycling, reducing the number of machines in use and eliminating unnecessary printing. The effort requires staff and students to use more centrally located machines and to login to print, allowing the college to track paper and energy usage.