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How Do I Get a GED or HSED?

  1. Eligibility
    To be eligible for General Educational Development Certificate (GED®) or High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) testing, you must:
    1. Be 18 ½ years or older or their 9th grade class must have graduated,
    2. Be a Wisconsin resident,
    3. Have completed the GED Orientation.
  1. Have your high school send your official transcripts to Gateway
    There are several options available to earn your GED, HSED, or high school diploma. Have your high school transcripts sent directly to Gateway so we can help you determine which option is best for you. If you have earned college credit, that coursework may apply so it's a good idea to request those, too.
  1. Registration
    Register and successfully complete course GED Orientation #890-721. This course must be successfully completed prior to signing up for testing and is free of charge to Wisconsin residents.
  1. Preparation and Instruction
    Online practice tests are available for you.

    Practice tests, evaluations, and tutoring are available in the Adult Learning Centers on each campus. You can purchase a study guide in the campus bookstores. Please contact the Adult Learning Center of your choice for more information. Nonresident tuition will be assessed for out-of-state students.

  1. Testing
    Reminder: You MUST bring a valid government-issued photo ID to each test session or you will be unable to test.
    • Please register for your testing appointment in advance of the date you want to test. All applicable fees must be paid at the time the testing appointment is made.
    • Seating is limited so we encourage you to register for testing early. You can register no later than the Thursday prior to the date you wish to test.
    • You can sign up for testing in person at the closest Student Services Center or by mail. Phone registration can be completed if payment is made with VISA, American Express, or MasterCard or a third-party authorization is on file with the Student Accounts Office.

      To schedule by phone, call:

      • Elkhorn Campus (262) 741-8300
      • Kenosha Campus (262) 564-2300
      • Burlington Center (262) 767-5300
      • Racine Campus (262) 619-6300

    Candidates are required to pay a $15.00* DPI credential fee when making an appointment for the first test. Students who are issued a GED and then complete an HSED will be required to pay an additional credential fee.

    Test and credential fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to test at your scheduled time, please reschedule prior to your test appointment. Remember to reschedule! If you don't, you will lose your testing fees and would need to pay again.

  2. Completion
    The five GED® exams include Language Arts-Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts-Reading, and Mathematics. To pass the GED tests, you must score a minimum of 410 standard score on each individual test and a total standard score of at least 2250.

    Important: Candidates currently testing with 2002 series GED test must successfully complete their GED by December 31, 2013 or begin again with the new 2014 series. See GEDTS for more information about the new GED® test.

An HSED may be completed through several options

  • The testing option:
    You can earn your HSED by passing the five GED tests, fulfill Health & Civics requirements, and successfully complete the

    Career Awareness/Employability Skills course #862-721.
    The Health requirement can be met if you earned of ½ credit of Health in 7th through 12th grades or by passing the DPI Health test with a score of 55+.

    Civics can be met if you earned three Social Studies credits in the freshman through senior years at high school (one course must be Civics, United States or American Government), by successfully completing the HSED Civics course at Gateway Technical College (859-707B) or by passing the DPI Civics exam with a score of 50+.

    To receive credit for what you earned in high school, have your official high school transcripts sent to Gateway from your high school. We will evaluate your transcripts for verification of course completion to receive credit for Health and Civics requirements. To be considered official, transcripts must be mailed directly from your high school to Gateway. If you earned college credits, please request those transcripts be sent to Gateway. The credits you already earned may count toward your HSED.

  • Other HSED completion options:
    Completion through the attainment of high school credits or 24 post-secondary credits, or foreign diploma assessment, may be chosen as an alternate path to attaining an HSED.

Important Information

  • Testing accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. Contact a special needs instructor for details.
    • Elkhorn Campus: (262) 741-8300
    • Burlington Center: (262) 767-5200
    • Kenosha Campus: (262) 564-2300
    • Racine Campus: (262) 619-6300

Students who do not pass a GED or HSED test are required to wait 30 days before retesting. Testing fees must be paid for any retesting required.

*$5.00 for incarcerated students.
*118.15, 223, GED®O2 and those over the age of 65 years are exempt from paying the fee.