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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Namesort ascending Email Job Title Campus Phone
Myers, Kathy Librarian - Casual
Muscarella, Petrina (Trina) Student Life Coordinator Elkhorn 741-8452
Munson, Jeffrey Instructor, EMS-Burlington Burlington 767-5280
Mulhollon, Elizabeth Instructor, Disability Support Services Racine 619-6478
Mulhollon, Carrie Testing Associate Kenosha 564-2532
Mueller, Randy Instructor, Communication Skills - Kenosha Racine 564-2870
Mueller, Richard Adjunct
Mueller, Sarah Casual-Librarian Racine
Mueller, Kristine Instructor, Nursing Assistant-E Elkhorn 741-8412
Moxon, James Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Mouradian, Aracely Instructor, English Language Learner Kenosha 564-2346
Mosley, Willie Casual Racine 619-6260
Morris, Jacqueline Director, Staffing Kenosha 564-3032
Morin, Kelly Testing Associate Kenosha 564-2566
Morgan, Sabrina New Student Specialist Kenosha 564-2362
Moore, Tony Adj Inst Foreign Language - K
Moore, Danny Adj Inst Electronic Tech - R
Monroe, Margaret Adj Inst Child Care - Racine
Monahan, Sandy Instructor, Spanish Burlington 767-5384
Molinaro, Molly Casual
Moffatt, Carrie Casual
Moez, Chrystal Registrar Racine 619-6830
Modesitt, Melinda Instructor, General Studies Kenosha 564-2582
Mizer, John Instructor, Screen Printing - Racine Racine 619-6552
Mizak, Ted Instructor, Traffic Safety - Kenosha Kenosha 564-2578
Mizak, Lindsey Student Life Specialist Racine 619-6570
Mirviss-Jossart, Stacey Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Mills, Thomas Adj Inst Motorcycle Safety 031 - Burlington
Miller, James Ems Equipment Technician Burlington 767-5076
Miller, James Adj FFI Test Evaluator - Burlington
Miller, Debbie Director, Human Resources Kenosha 564-3220
Miller, William Computer Support Technician Kenosha 564-2534
Miller, Judith Adj Inst Police Science - K
Miller, Casey Adj Tch Asst Motorcycle
Miller, Justin Adj Inst Police Science - K Kenosha
Millard, Robert Casual 100
Milisauskas, Anthony Professional Non-faculty
Mihlbauer, Kelly Professional Non-faculty
Michaels, Marie Instructor, Nursing-B Burlington 767-5324
Meyers, Rose Casual
Meyer, Kurt Adj Inst Police Science - K
Mews, Donna Divisional Secretary-Apprenticeship IMET
Meuret, Robert Instructor-Coordinator, Hotel-Hospitality Elkhorn 741-8328
Merrill, Grace Do Not Use
Merlin, Raymond Adj Tch Asst Police Inservice 046 - Kenosha Kenosha 564-3190
Menzie, Damon Local Area Network Technician Kenosha 564-3702
Mendez, Rosa Adjunct
Mendez, Sam Mechanic-K Kenosha 564-2562
Menasco, Theodora Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Melander, Diane Adj Inst Adult Basic Ed 009 -R
Mekhsian, Erik Systems Integration and Support Specialist Kenosha 564-3730
Meier, Henry Instructor, Life Sciences Kenosha 564-2656
Meekma, Cindy District Records Associate Racine 619-6592
Mee, Diane Adj Instructional Assistant Burlington
Meagher, Molly Divisional Secretary-R Kenosha 564-3180
McRoberts, David Professional Non-faculty Kenosha
McNamara, Judi Admin Asst-Benefits & Training Kenosha 564-3034
McLean, Jennifer Instructor Marketing Racine 619-6420
McLaughlin, Richard Instructor, Life Sciences Kenosha 564-2316
McKenzie, Stanley Adj Inst Facilities Mgt - K
McKee, Richard Adj Inst Police Science - K
McKay, Dawn
McGuire, Matthew Casual
McGrath, David News Director Kenosha 564-3880
McGrath, Max Instructor, Network Technology Elkhorn 741-8366
McGovern, Katrina Nursing Skills Lab Assistant - Kenosha Kenosha 564-2114
McGill, Dora Paraprofessional II - Outreach - Elkhorn Elkhorn 741-8480
McGee, Aaron Casual Kenosha 564-2594
McGee, Leanna Casual Racine
McGee, Linda Instructor, Accounting - Racine Racine 619-6766
McFarland, Benjamin Instructor, Welding Elkhorn 619-6638
McFarland, Lindsay Adj Inst Comm Skills - BISD Kenosha
McFarland, Megan Casual
McElmury, Douglas Adj Inst Fire Service - B
McDuffie, Desmar Academic Adviser Kenosha 564-2526
McDonald, Troy WGTD Operator/Announcer/Copy Writer - Casual Kenosha
McDonald, Kim Casual
McCullough, Kerrie Adj Inst Child Care - K
McCray, Kevin Career Counselor Racine 619-6534
McCluskey, Ann Adjunct
McCloskey, Barbara Adjunct
McClellan, Lynn Adjunct
McCaughey, Steven Adjunct
McCarthy, Emmet Casual
Mayer, Robert Adj Tch Asst Fire Service - B
Maydak, John Casual
May, Amy Professional Non-faculty
Mattek, Jeffrey Do Not Use
Massie, Jonathan Casual
Marshall, Edith (Susan) Adj Inst Computer Software _ BISD
Marschner, Rebecca Instructor, CIS Microcomputer Specialist - Elkhorn Elkhorn 741-8390
Marler, Katie Adj Inst Comm Skills - K
Marik, Paul Casual
Marifern, David Casual
Maraccini, Terry Adj Inst Graphic Tech Des - K
Marabella, Dawn Instructor, Adult Basic Education/English Language Learner Kenosha 564-2050
Mansell, Michael Adj Tch Asst EMS - Burlington
Manning, Pamela Instructor, Office Technology 119 - Kenosha Kenosha 564-2554
Mann, William Adj Inst Police Science - K
Manders, John Adj Inst Driver Ed - Kenosha Burlington
Maluchnick, Nathan First Shift Custodian-K Kenosha 564-2690
Malloy, Richard Instructor, Adult High School/Communication Racine 619-6738
Malacara, Stacey Student Finance Specialist Racine 619-6504
Mair, Mary Instructor, Interpreter Technician 127 - Elkhorn Elkhorn 741-8388
Maheras, Mary Jo Registration Specialist - Lead Worker - R Racine 619-6518
Magnuson, Christopher Adj Inst Social Science - K
Madsen, Daniel Director, Information Technology Kenosha 564-3026
Maccari, Lori Service Occupations Assistant Burlington 767-5164