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Accuplacer is a computerized test that helps us evaluate your skills and place you into appropriate level courses. It is an untimed test used to determine your knowledge in reading, writing and math. You will be provided scratch paper and a pencil for use during your exam. An on-screen calculator will appear during the math section only when you are permitted to use it; no other calculator use is permitted. Students take an average of two to three hours to complete. Upon completion, you are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor, who will have access to your scores and discuss your course placement with you.

It’s in your best interest to study before taking the Accuplacer. Students are allowed to take the Accuplacer test twice per every 12 month period. It’s in your best interest to brush up before taking your placement test. Accuplacer offers a web-based Study App for students to prepare for the test.

During the placement test, you will be offered scratch paper and pencils, and a calculator will be available on-screen for questions where it is allowed. Scratch paper is collected and shredded at the end of the test session. Therefore, no outside notes, scratch paper or calculators are allowed in the testing room. 

If you need further assistance preparing for your test, free study materials and instructor support are offered at Gateway's Learning Success Centers.

Accuplacer test scores are valid for 12 years.

Locations Offered: Elkhorn, Kenosha, and Racine campuses
Cost: Accuplacer Placement: $15; Accuplacer Re-Test: $15

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